Rules of Association


August 2018 Updated Version here:

 /files/39575/files/Rules/RULES- Updated August 2018 Final Draft.pdf *Rules last updated – August 2018




St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association Inc.

RACA: A0005410N - ABN: 70 904 230 782




Rules of the Association

(From the regulations – section ‘20’ incorporations act)

(updated August, 2018)


The Association Committee – comprising of                                  

  • A President

  • A Vice President

  • A Secretary

  • A Treasurer

  • A Disputes Resolution Officer

  • Eight ordinary members

  • Representative from Westside Saints Netball Club      


    The Committee shall control and manage the business affairs of the Association through regular meetings.



    From this the committee shall –

    1. Arrange and control and manage netball matches and competitions between teams affiliated within the association.

    2. Define qualifications by which each team may enter the association.

    3. No correspondence shall be entered into after the fixtures have been arranged except to replace a bye or at the Supervisors discretion.

    4. Fix the value of any trophy  and/or vouchers to be awarded to individuals or to any team winning a premiership

    5. Determine the Team Registration fee and game fees for all venues.

    6. Have the power to alter the number of divisions.

    7. Have the power to change the age group of existing divisions.

    8. Enter into agreements with any other body approved by the association members.

    9. Delegate all or any of its powers to any committee consisting of two or more persons.

    10.  Appoint coaches for squad/tournament teams or any competition the association enters.


  1. The president and secretary shall be ex-officio members of all committees.


  1. The committee shall appoint supervisors to each competition night. He/she shall have complete control of the court and shall furnish a supervisor’s report, which together with any monies received shall reach the treasurer within seven days from the day of play or sooner if possible.


  2. Life Members – the association shall have the power to award life membership to those who have rendered special service to the association for at least 8 years. Life members shall be elected by a three/fourths majority at the annual general meeting after being recommended by the executive and shall have all privileges of a delegate, other than a vote and shall be presented with an association medallion suitably inscribed. Nomination for life membership can be made by any financial member of the association and must be seconded before submitting the nomination to the committee for consideration. Nominations must be received no later than the 1st of September each calendar year. Netball Victoria Membership (previously known as VNA) will be paid annually as required.



    1. Netball Victoria Membership

      1. All players, coaches, umpires and officials partcipating in a competition must hold a current Netball Victoria Membership for the Calender Year and must be purchased by first game played/attended.

      2. Single game vouchers will be available for all competitions  (except finals) and will constitute a temporary Netball Victoria Membership for  the date issued only.

Players  will not be permitted to participate until proof  of purchase has been produced.

Fill ins and new players starting through the season must pay their registration by their 2nd game.

All junior players must provide proof of age when purchasing their Netball Victoria Membership registration.


No Netball Victoria Membership single voucher registration will be issued  during finals.

      1. All Netball Victoria Memberships will now be processed via your My Netball account and not to the association. If you have any difficulty please find below a link

    1. Working With Childrens Check

      All Netball Victoria Associations must at all times:

      1. ensure that each adult (18 yrs and older) whom seeks to hold, or currently holds, a position of responsibility or authority with children (under 18 yrs of age) must seek and maintain a valid Working With Childrens Check, this includes; committee members of the Association, League and Club, coaches, umpires, officials, team managers and other senior positions (inclusive of volunteers).  The assocation recommends that multiple senior members of each team acquire a WWCC in such a case where the teams regular coach, manager or official is unable to attend and role needs to be replaced immediately. All Teams /Clubs are responsible for ensuring this informaton is provided to the Association to be able to participate within our competition.

      2. The Association will keep a register of all members or persons within the Association who hold a Working With Childrens Check.



    6.1   At the conclusion of the season the executive shall award a trophy and/or voucher to the Best Team Player in

    each team in each division.

    6.2  The Best team Player award shall be established by the votes of the umpires officiating at the respective matches.

    6.3  Junior competition – in addition to the Best team Player being awarded, a Runners Up will also be awarded.    



     All games will be played as per Netball Australia rules, except where stated.

    1. Match points shall be awarded to teams on the following basis:

      WIN 4 points, WALKOVER 4 points, BYE 4 points, DRAW 2 points, LOSS 0 points

    2. In the event of a team withdrawing or being disqualified from the association during the season, that teams

      fixture shall be considered (a) a bye for the rest of the season (b) if already a bye then a new fixture shall be            


      7.3    In the event that a team gives a walkover during finals see rule 13.11.

      7.4    Any player not registered at any time during the season shall be ineligible to play in the association until he/she has become registered.

    1. Full arrangements for final matches shall be made by the office bearers.

    2. All umpires in finals matches shall be appointed and paid for by the association officers.



    1. All matches shall commence at the times directed by the Executive unless unique circumstances prevent such

       start (ie. wet/hot weather, drawn finals games, injured player on court) common sense should prevail.  All         

       efforts will be made to give fair and reasonable notification of any commencement time changes.

    2. Matches shall consist of four quarters. Duration of matches will be determined by the  committee prior to the commencement of each season. Teams shall change ends at each interval. An interval of no more than 2 minutes will be allowed at half time.

    3. All teams should be in attendance 10 minutes prior to scheduled starting time, to allow for completion of team  score sheet and collection and payment of match fees.

    4. Court Supervisor shall start time at scheduled starting time. Any team not present or unable to take the court (only four or less players present, score sheet not completed or players not suitably attired) within five     minutes of starting time shall be deemed to have given a walkover without notice.

    5. A penalty of ONE GOAL PER FULL MINUTE LATE will be awarded to the opposition of the late team. The Supervisor will advise the scorers of the number of penalty goals to be awarded.



    1. Each team will supply a scorer, over 14 years of age.

    2. The first named team will be the official scorer and the second named team the checker.

    3. The scorers must sit together.

    4. All FILL INS must have name, address & contact number recorded on the game score sheet in which they play. Players 18 yrs and under need to record their date of birth.

    5. Games cannot commence unless score sheet has been completed and all player positions filled in. For teams with more than 7 players  a “B” is to be marked  next to player(s), noted that they are on the bench for any given quarter(s) of match play. 

    6. A player cannot take the court unless they have been named on the score sheet.




    1. Prior to, or a start of each season each team must pay a registration fee , currently $60-00 for Sydenham, Caroline Springs & Keilor upon nomination of senior or junior team. This fee is non refundable.

    2. The amount of subscription – registration, bond and match payments for the upcoming season shall be

      determined by a majority vote by members present at an annual general meeting of the association, providing that notice is circulated beforehand.

    3. There shall be a match playing fee which is currently (per game/per team);


Junior game fee

Senior game fee










The fees remain the same regardless of  7 players on court  or not.

    1. The team captain or manager is responsible for the match fees being collected and paid to the supervisor prior to the commencement of the game.

    2. Any team that leaves the association owing any money will not receive team trophies. An invoice will be sent to each team member for his or her share of monies owing. Players will be unable to play with another team until their portion of the debt has been paid.



    1. All teams must register a team list with a minimum of 5 players prior to the commencement of the first round of the season and returned with nominated non-refundable registeration fee. The players on this list will be deemed as PERMANENT players. Subsequent to pre-season registration, a player may be added to the list of registered players by submitting the required information or form to the Association.

      1. Failure to submit and/or return team registration documents to Court Supervisor by due date may result in a deduction of competition points at the start of the season.

      2.  All players who first play for a team that are not a PERMANENT shall be deemed a FILL IN and need to record on the score sheet their full name, address, contact number and also a D.O.B if a junior.

    2. Once a FILL IN has played 3 games for a team, they will be considered as a PERMANENT player for that team

      and can only play for that team (refer to 11.4 also). However, players do not qualify for finals unless they have played a minium of 5 games for that team.

    3. A club is a group of affiliated teams, whether in the same or different age groups or grades. Players can only alternate in teams of the same club. Affiliation should be indicated by team names i.e., Raiders 1 & Raiders 2.                       

    4. Team names forming a club should be submitted to the committee prior to the start of the season and

      registration sheets marked accordingly.

    1. Once a player has played three (3) games for 1 team then they are classified as a permananet player for that team. However, they will not qualify for finals until they have played 5 games (refer to rule 21). If a single player has filled in for multiple teams, then , by their 5th game played they must declare what team will be deemed as their permanent team for the season. They do not qualify for finals until 5 games or more have been played with that team. Players, Clubs and Teams are responsible to keep an account of games played as any breach of this rule may result in loss of points for the team and/or player unable to take the court.

    2. If teams from the same club play in the same section, once three (3) games have been played players can not alternate between teams and are deemed as a permanent player. Players, Clubs and Teams are responsible to keep an account of games played  as any breach of this rule may result in loss of points for the team and/or player unable to take the court.

    3. Junior players – once 3 games have been played in a higher graded team, a player can not play in a lower graded team for the same club, unless committee approval has been given.

    4. Junior Players can only play in one team per round per night per venue. Senior players may play two games      at the same venue providing they are different competitions i.e. ladies/mixed, juniors/ladies/mixed. If a player plays in more than one team (Junior) or within the same competition more than once the                         infringement applies for the second game played. The same penalty applies as per an unregistered player.

    5. Game(s) won through unregistered player(s) shall be forfeited to opponents, such team being credited with 4 points and a score of 10 goals to nil.

    6. Game(s) lost through unregistered player(s) shall have all goals scored in that game forfeited reducing their score to nil.

    7. Eligibility – to play in a final series a player must have played  5 games for one team in the current season.

    8. SQUAD PLAYERS – All players playing squad for St.Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association will be given a points value according to their respective age group.  All junior teams can only have 12 points on court at       any one time.

      11 & Under players will have a points value of 3 points per player

      13 & Under players will have a points value of 3 points per player

      15 & Under players will have a points value of 3 points per player

      17 & Under players will have a points value of 4 points per player

      9U, 11U and 13U players must be playing within the Association to be eligible to play for Westside. Juniors playing open age only and not in any junior team will have a points value of 4 points per player. If a person is selected in squad at the end of the year for the following year and they change their mind and play 6 or less games they will not be allocated any points.  If they play 7 or more games and then drop out they will hold their points for the entire year.  Any new person joining squad  will be allocated points accordingly.

      This rule is void for Saturday competion held at Caroline Springs where squad players and elite athletes per team is unrestricted.

      1. Identifying squad players-

        11U, 13U & 15U - if a team has more than 4 squad players registered on their team then it is the responsibility of the players/club/team to ensure that each individual competing is wearing a white wrist sports band to identify their affliation. Failure to do so may result in goals being deducted, loss of points for match and/or player being removed from court. Or all of the above.

        17U  - if a team has more than 3 squad players registered on their team then it is the responsibility of the players/club/team to ensure that each individual competing is wearing a white wrist sports band to identify their affliation. Failure to do so may result in goals being deducted, loss of points for match and/or player being removed from court. Or all of the above.

    9. Clearances – all players wishing to change teams during a season, must inform the committee in writing at least 7 days prior to the transfer. This request must bare the signatures of the team captain/coaches involved. All players have the right to appeal to the committee. No clearances will be accepted after round 7 of any season. A clearance must be given at the end of a season to transfer to a new team/club.  Clearances will not be granted if money is owing to the team they wish to leave until the debt has been paid in full.



    1. Each club or team must register its uniform and ensure each team member is wearing a uniform of the same design and colour. The team uniform must be consistent.

    2. All players to wear a skirt/dress of the same colour.Males are to wear shorts of the same colour as the skirt or black. The shorts must be suitable for sports with no pockets, buttons or buckles.  All dresses or all skirts to be worn.  ie:  if uniform is a dress then fillins must wear a dress.

    3. The whole team must either wear t-shirts, polo’s or singlets

    4. Any person out of uniform after round 3 must report to the supervisor for approval to take the court. If the

               same person violates the uniform policy on further occasions they may be disallowed from taking the court.

    5. A 1-goal penalty applies for every piece of incorrect uniform by adding these penalty goals to the opposing teams total. Court Supervisor is to confirm, with the scorers, the number of penalty goals to be added.

    6. All players must wear suitable matching or dark coloured sports briefs. BICYCLE PANTS OF ANY VARIATION,

              TRACK SUIT PANTS, LEGGINGS OR SHORTS cannot be worn under skirts/dresses during play at any time.

      1. Skin coloured stockings may be worn with supervisors consent, but not during any finals matches. With medical consent surgical stockings/skins are allowed to be worn for the duration of the injury (allowances can be considered in regards to religious beliefs in regards to the uniform policy).

    1. New Teams must be in full team uniform by their 4th game. They will be given 3 weeks grace to find the appropriate uniform.

    2. Positional bibs to be worn by all players. Bibs must meet netball Australia regulations and all must be of the same colour. Bibs are available from the supervisor for use by any team.

    3. Jewellery and Fingernails – no item of jewellery (this includes fit-bits) shall be worn except a wedding ring. If this is worn it shall be taped. Appropriate tape must be used. Band-aids, masking tape, sticky tape or paper tape will not be accepted. Fingernails shall be cut short or taped to the umpire’s satisfaction. Gloves are allowed if the nails underneath are correctly taped.  Gloves are not permitted to have dimples or torn.  Extra long or acrylic nails must taped and packed with cotton wool.  If nails are short no taping is required under gloves.

    4. Shoes suitable for sport must be worn or the player will be refused permission to enter the court.

    5. Mixed competition only: Shorts are permitted for both male and female players. The shorts must be suitable  for sport with no pockets, buttons or buckles. The colours must be consistent with the skirts worn.  Shorts are          not to go below the knee for either males or females.



    1. The committee will set walkover fees prior to beginning of each season. The walkover fee policy is available on our webpage-

    2. Walkover fees are calculated on the total out of pocket cost per venue to the association.

    3. NOTIFIED WALKOVER – is fair notice to the Court Supervisor (at least 24 hours  ie 5.00pm the day before the game). This gives the Supervisor a chance to reallocate umpires and notify the opposition team.

    4. NON-NOTIFIED WALKOVERS – is short or no notice (less than 24 hours notice ie after 5.00pm the day before the game) where umpires and opposition team are not able to be cancelled or reallocated.

    5. Walkover fee to be paid prior to the next round.

    6. Should a team give 3 or more walkovers in any one season their position in the association will be reviewed by the committee.

    7. The non-offending team receives 4 premiership points and a score line of  FIVE to NIL.

    8. The team receiving the walkover must fill out a  score sheet for that round or contact supervisor to submit names of players that aren’t already listed as permanent players (such as fill ins).  This must be done within 24 hours notice of walkover.  It can not be done at the end of the season .

    9. If a scratch match is agreed upon then both teams pay their normal game fees.

    10. No scratch matches will be played in finals.

    11. Walkovers given during finals Any team/cub that gives a walkover during finals irrespective of the time the association is notified, will incur a fine of $200 and a loss of 8 points for the following season the team plays in. Failure to pay monies owed may result in suspension of the team/s until outstanding debt is paid.

    12. Withrawal of a team once the season has commenced- If a team is withdrawn from the competition once the season has commenced they will be required to pay a withdrawl fee of $200 (no points will be loss for following season). Failure to pay monies owed may result in suspension of the team/s until outstanding debt is paid.



    1. Player substitution and interchange are as per Netball Australia rules.

    2. Central timing does not stop for injury during normal round matches.

    3. Where practicable the injured player must move from the court as quickly as possible.

    4. Normal interchange and substitution rules apply. During finals injury time is permissible as per netball Australia rules.

    5. A player who is bleeding  must leave the court to attend to the wound.

    6. A bleeding player in our association has 2 options:

      Option 1 - the player can inform an officiating umpire of their need to leave the court. Once they                   have attended to their wounds and then upon completion of this inform the umpire of their intent to re-enter the game and do so at any point.


      Option 2 - the player can leave the court of their own accord. Once they have attended to the wound they must report to the umpire to ensure there is no more blood and then re-enter the game at the next goal or interval.

    7. An officiating umpire must clear the player in both cases to re-enter the court.

    8. Should a player re-enter the game without notifying the umpire then the rules in regards to a player re-entering the game without notification apply as per the netball Australia rulebook.

    9. Any items of clothing that have blood on them must be removed and replaced. If no spare uniform is available any top will be allowed with no penalty for out of uniform being applied.



    15.1 Subject to these rules and regulations, the tribunal committee may by the resolution:

    (a) expel a player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator from the association

    (b) suspend a player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator from membership of the association for a specified period, 

    If the tribunal committee is of the opinion the player, member, official, coach parent or spectator:

                      * has refused or neglected to comply with these rules or the regulations, or

       * Has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator or prejudicial to the interests of the association.

    15.2 The tribunal committee shall consist of a chairperson/ Disputes Resolutions Officer  and 2 or more persons in terms of rule 1.8.

    15.3 Suspensions are to relate to weeks, which will not allow a suspended player to play in any teams in the association until the suspension period has been served.

    15.4 TRIBUNIAL HEARINGS – the supervisor in the game where the player is being reported shall                             

    15.4.1 Advise the player, member, official,coach, parent or spectator of the report as soon as practicable after the game has been completed.

      1. The DRO will advise the player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator reports have been submitted via phone, text, or written and (if applicable) notify the time, date and venue for hearing (unless an automatic suspension applies). These hearings are dependant on availibilty and will be arranged within a suitable time.                           

      2. Advise the Disputes Resolution Officer of the report within 24 hours by phone, text, or written to enable the DRO to act in terms of rule.

    1. The DRO once advised of the report shall, as soon as practical, make contact via phone, text, or written with the player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator:  and if applicable notify the time, the date and the venue for the hearing and the reason behind the report.

      Advise the player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator that if they fail to attend a hearing in regards to this said report that they are unable to partake in any games within the association until the hearing for that report is held.           

    2. The DRO must also inform the tribunal committee of the time, date and venue for the hearing via phone, text or written.

    3. Where the tribunal committee passes a resolution in terms of rule 15.1, the chairperson of the committee shall

      1. Advise the player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator as soon as practicable of the resolution- the following can be used as a guide:


        Swearing                                                                                2 weeks

        Abusive Language to an umoire                                        3 weeks

        Unduly rough play                                                                2 weeks

        Disputing umpires decsions continuosly                          4 weeks

        Serious misconduct                                                              6 weeks

      2. The Disputes Resolution Officer will inform the player, member, official, coach, parent of spectator in writing a notice confirming the decision of the tribunal committee.

        15.8 Misconduct – Umpires must report any player, member, official, coach, parent or spectator for misconduct. A report is to be written and forwarded to the supervisor who will in turn notify the DRO and then rules 15.1 or 15.7 are applied.

        15.9 The umpires are to follow the rules as per the netball Australia rulebook in regards to players misconduct on court where sanctions, warnings and time off the court are applied.



    16.1 In the event of a total strike, e.g. power, petrol, all matches will be cancelled for that round unless it is a final.

    16.2 Teams will be awarded 2 points each and the competition will continue as per normal.

    16.3 More than 2 cancellations in a row would mean reconsidering the fixture.



    Pregnant women should consider their own health and safety and play at their own risk. It is recommended that the player consult their doctor when making their decision.



    18.1  Age group of which juniors play in is determined by age of partcipant as at 31st December of that year.

                     Example:  11yrs on 31st December of that year is eligible to play 11U.

    18.2 Players must be 14 years of age or older to play in a senior competition in the association. With written parental consent a player 13 years of age may play in the ladies competition only. To play in a senior mixed competition all players must be 14 years of age or older. If asked, proof of age must be supplied.



    19.1 Shorts are permitted for both male and female players.

    19.2  Shorts must be suitable for sport, have no buttons or buckles and without pockets. No brief or running (boy leg) shorts will be allowed.

    1. Shorts are not to go below the knee for either males or females (ie. board shorts ¾ pants).

    2. Males may wear skin toned or matching bike shorts under their playing shorts. They must not be visible.

    3. The shorts colour must be consistent with the skirts worn.

    4. All teams shall have at least 1 male on court at all times with a maximum of 3.

    5. Two male players from the same team cannot play in the one goal GS, GA or GK GD

    6. With three males, there must be a male in each playing third of the court.

      They cannot line up as follows: GA WA & C or  C WD & GD.



    Any person intentionally or unintentionally breaking the foregoing rules, either in part or full, shall be liable to disciplinary action. The executive shall have full power to assess the extent of any penalty to be imposed for such breaches and may in its discretion mitigate or remit any penalty for any breach of the said rules.



    Players must have participated in five (5) or more games for the team, during the regular season, to qualify for finals. No player can qualify on a bye.

    All players must have paid and verified Netball Victoria Membership prior to completion of normal season.



    1. Team members names must be printed on the score sheet and given to the Court Supervisor, prior to the scheduled start time, for checking of players qualification. Once the game starts no further names can be added to the score sheet. A player must be named on the score sheet to participate in a finals game, together with playing positions.  For teams with more than 7 qualified players  a “B” is to be marked  next to player(s), noted ,that they are on the bench for any given quarter(s) of match play. 

    2. There are no draws in finals.  

    3.  If at the end of the scheduled game time, scores are level, the following will apply:

  • Prior to the commencement of extra time each team will be able to make interchanges. At half time (during extra time), changes can be made , after this there will be no further interchanges (except for replacement of an injured player who must then remain off the court).

  • Two extra periods, each of the same duration, will be played.

    9U – 1 minute (per half)

    11U – 2 minutes (per half)

    13U, 15U, 17U & 19U – 3 minutes (per half)

    Seniors – 4 minutes (per half)

  • There will be a direct change of ends after the first period.

  • If after the extra periods scores are still level, play will be continuous until a team gains a two goal advantage.

  • 9U - if it is still a draw after extra time has ended then the team to score  the next/first goal will be deemed as the grandfinal champions/premiers.

  • Umpires officiating finals should be specific with send off penalties. Players to remember that a send off last for a period of 2 minutes and depending on time left on clock, could result in being sent off for the rest of the game.



    Heat Policy – The official temperature at which game cancellation can be invoked is 38C. This is on a game by                    game basis. If both teams wish to play and the outside temperature at the start of the game is 38C, the game can go ahead. If either team does not want to play then the game will be cancelled and points will be shared. Temperature readings will be taken at the stadium.  Caroline Springs teams to liase with the Supervisor.

    Wet Weather Policy – Procedure for leaking stadium roof is posted on the office window. Caroline Springs teams to liase with the Supervisor.


  2. CODE OF CONDUCT          

    Please make yourself aware of the Associations Code of Conduct, which sets out acceptable behavior for parents/guardians, spectators, officials, administrator/supervisor, coaches and players. These can be found on our webpage, or alternatively  copies can be arranged through your Court Supervisor.



    1. Consumption of alcohol or drugs in or around the stadium will not be tolerated.

    2. Authorities may be called or disciplinary action taken.

    3. Players who appear to be under the influence of alcohol and or drugs maybe refused permission to play.

      Umpires/Supervisors have the authority to ask them to sit on the sidelines.


  1. TRYOUTS FOR REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS (Tournament & Parkville)

                            All players that play for Westside Saints Netball club at Parkville are eligible to represent SACSNA at Association Championships and certain tournaments throughout the year, provided they compete within our Association and qualify as a permanent player with a team/club during the season.

    1. The Committee will organise the Representative Team Selection Trials.

    2.  Selection Trials will be conducted under the following conditions:

      1. The date, time and place when Selection Trials are due must be advertised at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the Trials.

      2. All players will need to submit a Player Registration Form prior to participating in selection trials. 

      3. Players shall be notified, in writing, of the team in which they have been selected as soon as possible after the selection trials.

      4. The selectors decision shall be final.

  1. Photography and Filming policy

There is an implied consent with all SACSNA registrations that any participant maybe photographed during any SACSNA sanctioned event. It is therefore the responsibility of all Clubs/teams to ensure that their Officials and the SACSNA are aware of any members under the age of 18 who are not to be photographed or filmed for legal reasons or who have withdrawn their consent for any reason. The onus is on the Clubs to provide this information. Concerns regarding inappropriate photography or filming should be reported to the SACSNA Court Supervisor on duty. SACSNA will be responsible for addressing the matter.

SACSNA does however acknowledge the right of privacy of all participants at any SACSNA sanctioned event.  The SACSNA acknowledge that there are specific instances where the taking of any image may be prohibited under law or specific order; including by not limited to family law matters, wards of the state, restraining orders and witness protection.

The SACSNA acknowledge that a participant’s family member and/or friend may have a reasonable expectation, either of their own motion or at the participants request, to photograph or film that participant during any particular event that the participant is involved in.

  • The SACSNA has a responsibility to manage the photography and filming of children (under the age of 18) as part of our risk management. Photography and filming must only be undertaken at sanctioned events for three purposes: Participant’s and their family’s personal use;

  • Player/Umpire training and development; or

  • Club/Association promotion and publicity.

SACSNA acknowledges that photography and filming can also be undertaken through modern technology such as the use of Smart Phones, Go-Pro’s and other similar devices and not just limited to the traditional ‘camera and lens’.  In most circumstances SACSNA will endeavor to supply all guardians, with children under the age of 18yrs with a Child Photo and Video consent form that must be signed and returned before or day of event.

The By-Law
There are no restrictions on participant’s family and/or friends from taking photographs or filming of the children participating in netball games provided the images are for personal use.

SACSNA requests all Clubs/Teams to take a common-sense approach to the issue of photography and filming. This approach should include obtaining consent from all parties involved in that sanctioned event. The onus of obtaining consent is on the club/team/individual wanting to take photographs or films. The club/team/individual should notify the SACSNA officials of this consent and their intent to take photographs and/or films. Notification of a SACSNA official can be through email prior to the sanctioned event or in person at the sanctioned event.

Consent may be withdrawn at any time. Where consent is withdrawn, any photography and/or filming must cease immediately.





















Association:                  St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association (SACSNA)


Club:                                 Club includes all affiliated clubs that are governed.


Team(s):                         Is an individual team or group of teams, which is not governed or affiliated with a Club at SACSNA Competition.


Permanent player:     A permanent or regular player commits to play with the team on a consistent and systematic basis by:

  • Registering on the team registration form before commencement of the season; or

  • Subsequently becomes registered with that team; or

  • Has qualified by playing three (3) games or more that team. But must play 5 games or more to be eligible to play in finals.

    Fill-in player:                   A player who does not regularly commit to playing every week with a team but is taking the court because the team is short players for whatever reason.

    Squad Players:                 Include players selected to play for the St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association representative team (Westside Saints) representing the Association at the State Netball Hockey Centre or other selective entry team or competition.

    Ineligible player:            Is a player who is not entitled to participate in a game, which may include a player who has not qualified, is not eligible to play in that age, section, or a player who has failed to register correctly.

    Delegate:                          A representative of the Club or Team who liaises with the Committee.

    WWCC:                               Working With Children’s Check

    DRO:                                  Disputes Resolution Officer.