The St Albans Netball Association is a non-profit organisation which provides the game of netball to all members
of the community. We have been operating at various venues in St Albans, Kings Park, Delahey and now Sydenham since 1976.

 A brief outline of the history of the St Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association Inc.


Commenced games at St. Albans High school (now St. Albans Secondary College) with 7 teams. Provided lighting for outdoor court.


Moved to St. Albans Technical School (Brimbank Secondary College) Provided lighting for outdoor court. 20 teams.


Moved competition indoors into the schools new Gymnasium.


Became Incorporated. Began using Gym Mon/Tues/Wed – 30 teams.


Introduced junior competition, including boys – first Association to allow boys to play in all age groups. Started with 11 teams.


Introduced Senior mixed Competition. Started with 12 teams playing at Copperfield Secondary College junior campus. Juniors had to play at the 2 venues. 18 teams at each venue. Squad teams introduced to represent St. Albans in at Parkville competitions. Council was unable to help with funding for a new venue.


3 Representative teams accepted into State League.


Apparent we need to find a new venue. Total of 16 senior mixed teams, 28 Ladies teams and 43 junior teams. Commenced talks with Council and Copperfield Secondary College to Fund a second indoor court in the new Gymnasium that the school was building. We would pay to have the courts made full size ($100,000) and the council would fund $250,000 towards the cost of a second court.


Commenced our competition at Copperfield Secondary College senior Campus. We have a 10 year lease with an option for a further 10. We pay a reduced rent according to the hours played each night.



Using the courts every day except Saturday. 44 ladies teams, 16 mixed Senior teams and 60 junior teams. At capacity. Approached by Caroline Springs Community Centre to put an application in to run a competition at their venue. As we were at capacity and needed training facilities for squad teams and expansion, we applied. We were allocated Wednesday night – 3 courts which includes a show court with seating for 320 people. Ideally we would have liked a venue still in the Brimbank municipality but nothing was available. We had to change our name to utilise Caroline Springs. We currently have 4 rep teams playing in Premier grade at Royal Park, 1 17U premier grade team, 2- 15 under teams and 2 - 13U and 1 - 11U Saturday morning rep teams.


Commenced games at Caroline Springs 7 ladies teams and 12 junior teams. Won Division 1 Premier grade Autumn ladies comp at Parkville and followed this up by winning the Spring Division 1 grand final as well. One of the very few teams to go back to back in this elite competition.


Creating byes in each section so we can take extra teams at Copperfield Courts. 12 ladies and 15 junior teams at Caroline Springs.


Teams remain the same at Copperfield can not grow. Mixed senior Competition introduced at Caroline springs. 7 mixed teams, 16 ladies teams  21 junior teams. 2nd season we had 15 mixed teams wanting to play. We played the games over both venues with the games at Copperfield being  played at late time slots. This was not popular and several teams dropped out the following season. Had 5 boys selected for Victoria.


Lost some teams at Copperfield as they could not play their preferred night. Always lose teams in the junior ranks as they become too old to play but due to restricted space could not take them into the senior competition at either venue. Total number of teams both venues 157. Boys still playing for Victoria.



Won Division 1 Premier grade Autumn ladies competition at Parkville followed up by winning Division 1 Spring grand final. One of only two teams who have done this twice. We also won the Division 4 premier grade Grand final, 15Under A grade grand final and were runners up in the 17U Division 3 premier grade grand final. A very successful year for all squad teams.


Total number of teams at both venues 151 Maria Masei selected in the state 17U squad and later selected in the 17U Australian Squad. Morgan Mitchell selected in the 19U Australian squad. Word is getting around that we are full and teams are going elsewhere which not good as we need to cover the junior teams as they leave. If we had more court space we wouldn’t lose any of these teams. Membership at an all time high of 1458. Ran a very successful cultural awareness program with Netball Victoria as our region is classified disadvantaged. The program was run through the Local primary schools. With the sport growing in popularity and the increasing population in this area I can only see our competition getting bigger Dependant on court space.


 Our Association has a wide number of children from very different backgrounds. (Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, New Zealanders to name a few. We consider ourselves to be very welcoming of all races and religions. As such, we would be very interested in entering into discussions with St. Albans Sports Club regarding future construction of netball courts at the Kings Park Location. Obviously, this would enhance the standing of the Sports Club within the Brimbank Community, stabilise the ongoing future of the St. Albans Caroline Springs Netball Association, and clearly benefit the sporting community in general. 


Commenced the year with 145 teams overall. 2 boys selected for Australia 1 - 19 Under, 1 open. 4 girls went to Darwin for the selection Tournament for Australian sides. Locally we have had 6 girls talent identified for future development i.e. state age teams. Big explosion with 9 Under children wanting to play. Currently have 10 - 9U teams entered in Spring season. In total 160 teams playing. Starting junior games at 4.45pm and some senior games at 6.30 pm to take all teams. Increase of 15 teams. Squad – Premier grade Tues Div-1,2,3,6 17U Div-3, 15UA, 15UB, 13UA, 13UB and 2 - 11U teams.


Council will not put any funding into the building of courts at St. Albans Sports Club.  Council are putting all their funding into a venture at Energy Park in Albion.  Brimbank Council refused building permit to be issued.


Had a meeting in August with Brian Mott from SGL consulting Group re the expansion of the courts at Caroline Springs. If this is approved an additional 3 courts will be built.  Time frame 3 - 5 years.


Made the decision to rename the representative sides Westside Saints Netball Club to aid sponsorship and funding that is available.  Copperfield College has very strict rules on the type of sponsorship that can be displayed.   




Commenced the year with 150 teams and 13 representative teams.  In conjunction with VU, Netball Victoria, Brimbank Council and ourselves we ran a Net set Go program for the first time.  Clubs starting to emerge due to the new football clubs emerging in the area.    Ran a foundation coaching course in March in the hope that coaches from these new clubs would attend.  March/April saw the launch of the new Westside uniforms. 


14 girls TID at the Associations tournament  held at Geelong in May.  A record for any Association.   Premiers Div 2 Tuesday Premier grade.  Runners Up Div 3 premier grade.  15C Runners Up.  5 girls have progressed to state squads in 17U, 19U and 21U. 


Spring season saw a dramatic increase in teams wanting to play – we managed to squeeze in 168 teams with 5 on the waiting list and many more who sought competition elsewhere. Even ratio of 84 junior and senior teams.


Caroline Springs – 11 mixed open age, 27 junior teams and 12 ladies teams.  118 teams playing at Copperfield College.


In conjunction with Netball Victoria ran and information session on forming and administrating a club and a free foundation coaching course.


Melton Council have approved the extension of the existing courts by an additional 2 – 3 courts.  Time frame 3 – 4 years.  Will consider including an office in the plans if we pay for one and change our name to suit the area. ie Caroline Springs St Albans Netball Assoc. Inc.




Caroline Springs has 12 mixed teams separated into two sections, sect 1 5 teams sect 2 7 teams so we could take an additional team. 7 x 11U, 9 x 13U, 13 x 15U   Ladies teams x 13  total 54 teams

Copperfield:  Sunday 21 teams, Mon14 teams, Tuesday 9U x 8, 11U x 10 Wed 11 teams, Thursday 14 teams

Friday 13U x 14, 15U x 14, 18U x10 teams   Total 116 teams Overall total 170 teams.  85 junior and 85 senior teams.


Rep teams:  Open Tuesday Premier Div 1,2,3,4.  17U Div 1,2,3. 15U A, Ares, Bres. 13U A, B, C res.  11U x 2 teams


Brimbank Council have offered SACSNA first use of the three new courts at Keilor basketball and Netball stadium providing we put in a junior competition on Saturday mornings.  Courts due to be ready September.